March 31, 2014

"Big Data" if Unspecfic, is Ridiculous


Here is a more specific look at what Big Data means, as a term:

There is your data, there is "little data" where when you share it, it's wrapped around you as the user, centralized. And that's "Big Data" that is really a large amount of "Little Data." Then there is Big Data that you as a user co-create with a vendor or service, that is relatable back to you but it's wrapped around objects, data models and identifiers that are first about the object and not about you. And then there is aggregated data that is depersonalized .. though it may still be possible with some detective work to find you.

My point in making this distinction is to note that talking about Big Data in an unspecific manner is a great opportunity to misunderstand, to miss potential solutions that apply to parts of this scale, but not all, and to talk past each other when we are discussing problems and solutions in the privacy arena.

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