February 09, 2014

Data Privacy Legal Hack-A-thon, Day 2: Projects

UPDATED: As we get down to the wire on presentations tonight at 5pm, the room is quiet and everyone is working hard. One of our judges, K. Waterman is walking around, conversing with whomever has a minute. And we have settled out to these project teams:

Safe Sign-up: This will encrypt volunteer signups for events, especially protests, so that there is not one place that would have all the people at the event. Event organizers would have 5th Amendment protection for this information. By: Zaki Manian, Restore the Fourth, SF.

Bring your Own Chat: A secure zero-knowledge chat application using only Drop Box. By: Daniel Roesler, Restore the Fourth, SF. The project can be found here at Github: https://github.com/diafygi/byoFS.

Privacy Enhancing Toolkit: A toolkit for encrypted communications, file storage and sharing. By Judi Clark & Jenny Fang.

Visual Privacy Policy: Creating a culture of informed consent by visualizing privacy policies. By: Dan Garen, Puneet Kishor, Nick Doty, Lysle Buchbinder, Beth MacArthy, Herrick Fang, and yesterday, Nancy Frishberg.

Bitcoin Privacy Documentation: Developing a framework for thinking about the privacy of financial transactions using Bitcoin. By: Alice Townes, Richard Down.

Mobile Privacy Shield: Intercept and display all the async calls for websites using a Firefox add-on. By: @nyceane.

However, there is a chance that the Visual Privacy Policy group, which includes a browser extension, will split into two groups to present. Stay tuned.

I'm working on a presentation for tonight at the closing for the ON project and consent receipt.. not to be judged... just to show the concept to the room.

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