February 08, 2014

Data Privacy Legal Hack-A-thon, Day 1

We have five (5) projects going in San Francisco at the Data Privacy Legal Hackathon. After an initial introduction phase,
and discussions, teams broke out and are all quietly working away.

We have 3 groups and 2 individuals who are working on projects..

The largest group is leading group interested in privacy icons and terms and data policies work on his part, which is to make a privacy policy generator and some icons that represent what the then-structured policy would represent to make it easy for users to see what a privacy policy says and does to the user.

After we talked a bit, he realized the value of the parts I'm working on with the Consent Map, Consent Receipt and various tools to make that happen, like the API project to the map. We went over the whole ecosystem we all propose and he sees the complementarity.

Here is a diagram of that shows some of the different products that we discussed above:


But that group is more interested in getting privacy policies structures and visualized than the other side of the transaction which would look at terms an individual would submit, like Do Not Track. However, they recognized that there is a need for a consent receipt at the end of either side setting a term.

There is also a bitcoin thing for more private transactions for identity privacy (ie, taking things outside the financial networks, where you still have some kind of identity inside bitcoin, to taking things outside the identity systems in bitcoin..). I don't totally understand it but that's what they are talking about and trying to figure it out.

There is an https server project, and another individual project that I haven't yet discussed with the maker.

I'm working on the consent receipt. Other groups are likely want to hook into the consent receipt when they have their pieces.

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