November 21, 2011

Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium 2011 Recap, Part I

Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, or PDEC, is an org I've been involved with for a year. I'm chairing the Board. We just sent out a Year in Review recap of our activities for 2011, Part I (first half of the year).

My involvement in PDEC included (these are quotes from our newsletter -- to read the whole newsletter see our PDEC post here our link):

NSTIC (National Strategy on Trusted Identities in Cyberspace) National Program Office Announcement
January 7th, 2011 -- Stanford, Palo Alto, CA
Mary Hodder and Kaliya Hamlin attended the NSTIC National Program Office Announcement at Standford University. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and   Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and  White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt both spoke. 

Department of Commerce Green Paper Response Due
January 28, 2011
Kaliya Hamlin and Mary Hodder submitted the PDEC Green Paper response to the DOC and the National Telecommuncations and Information Administration (NIST) on the DOC proposals around identity and personal data, and the Do Not Track proposal by the FTC.
Read it here at the DOC site.

Strata, Data Camp
February 1, 2011 -- Santa Clara
Mary Hodder led a session at Data Camp, Strata for developers on the Personal Data Ecosystem.

Conversational Commerce Conference (C3)
February 2-3, 2011 -- San Francisco
Mary Hodder spoke at the C3 Event, on a panel with Michael Becker, Dean Landesman, Prakash Kondepudi (of Intellius) and Julian Gay (Orange) on CRM, VRM and Personal Data. Kaliya Hamiln also attended.

FTC Do Not Track Event
February 9, 2011 -- Berkeley, CA
Mary Hodder attended the FTC all day meeting on Do Not Track.
I asked the only audience question of the day, about models other than DNT and business as usual: whether a Personal Data Ecosystem would create a market solution to solve user discontent with the current state of online tracking and user data.

Applied Brilliance Salon
February 17, 2011 -- San Francisco
I attended the salon, regarding Personal Data topics, hosted by Jerry Michalski. I asked the first audience question about a Personal Data Ecosystem solution.

Federal Trade Commission Paper Response Due
February 18, 2011
Mary Hodder submitted the PDEC response to the FTC on Do Not Track proposal.
Read it here at the FTC site.

Tracking Do Not Track panel, Morris + King
April 26, 2011 -- NYC
Mary Hodder spoke on a panel with Brian Morrisey of Digiday, David Norris of Blue Cava, Dan Jaffe of the National Association of Advertisers and Helen Nissenbaum of NYU.
Read more about the panel here at PDEC.

W3C Privacy and Tracking
April 28-29, 2011 -- Princeton, NJ
Mary Hodder attended the W3C event about privacy and tracking. Mostly the event focused on Do Not Track as the only solution, but I tried to ask as many questions as possible to open up thinking about a possible Personal Data Ecosystem approach.

12th Internet Identity Workshop including Yukon Day
May 3-5, 2011 -- Mountain View, CA
PDEC led a number of sessions on Personal Data as well as participate in other sessions on Trust Frameworks (presented by Drummond Reed and Scott David) and VRM (by Doc Searls).
Mary Hodder and Kaliya Hamlin held a session on the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium.
Kaliya Hamlin hosted Personal Data Stores Lockers Vaults
Mary Hodder led a session on The State of Personal Data today.
Mary Hodder and Heather Schlegel led two sessions on What Part is Identity and What Part is Personal Data?

W3C Identity in the Browser Workshop
May 24th -- Mountain View, CA
Mary Hodder presented the Personal Data Ecosystem philosophy. More can be found about the workshop here.

Quantified Self
May 28, 2011 -- Mountain View, CA
Mary Hodder attended QS and led a session on Developing Health / QS Apps in a Personal Data Ecosystem model. Read more about it here in my post on the event.

Next Monday we'll be sending out Part II of this.. recapping our activities this fall.

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