March 31, 2005

Freedom 2 Connect Conference

Is going well.. moblogging it on flickr. It's at the American Film Institute Theater in Silver Spring, MD. Day 2 is just starting...

Yesterday, someone on the Small Blue Networks panel said that the average American sends 13 text messages per year. In the EU, the average is 53 messages a month for the top 75% of users (according to Forrester research 3/18/05) It's just a barometer reading of where we are at socializing with technology. Obviously Americans use cell phones, but we are not using all the functionality because the phones our telcos accept, and our service plans, don't make it easy.

For the past three years, I've been text messaging people regularly and I often find that they call me back, rather than hit reply.. and the question I usually ask is why. They almost always say it's too hard to reply. Also, a decent number don't get through to them, but I don't know what percentage. But my phone says I send around 40 messages a month, and from memory, it seems that maybe 5 per month don't get through to the recipient.

I can understand why people don't feel confident about text messages or want to use them, and yet, they are so much easier than voice mail messages, and there is a written record for the address you are meeting someone at, or the phone number of someone, or the time of an event. Text messaging is just so much easier and discreet than calling, and there is no timeconsuming VM system to navigate. It's too bad the telco's haven't realized this is an opportunity for people to connect and share information, rather than just barely participate in text messaging, by charging for it as if it's a scarce commodity, is nuts. And holds us back from yet another socializing experience with technology and people.

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