March 21, 2005

Bid on this ticket for Freedom 2 Connect, and the Proceeds go to EFF

So EFF has this ticket to Freedom to Connect, David Isenberg's conference in Washington, DC in 10 days.

I'm going to F2C and really looking forward to the conversation. I've blogged before about how ridiculous the situation with telco's, bandwidth and cell phone access is in the US, how we are 5-7 years behind Asia and Europe in terms of using truly high bandwidth services and cellphone platforms to socialize with the technology and these new forms of communications. We have *tiny*band here in the US, and our cell phones have been highjacked by the providers, both in terms of the hardware functionality and the service and web access, The whole thing is utterly ridiculous, and drives me crazy because it's such short term thinking by the telcos sacrificing the long term gain. And the idea that the FTC and the FCC allow this is even crazier.

So I want to know, the reason I'm attending the conference (because you know this issue is in a way peripheral to my main work, and yet it is the basis of all our connectivity which I'm so dependent upon) is because I want to know more from people who study and research these issues, but much more importantly: What do we do about this? What can we work together on to fix this situation?

Of course, I'd love for people not at the center of this F2C world to bid on the EFF ticket, because more brainstorming power from the outside would be great to have, and it would help out EFF.

I want some practical, constructive action plan, that users can implement online and in person, to move this situation to a better place. The speakers and attendees are a smart, well informed, active group of people. And I would consider it a huge success if we came up with a plan like this at the conference.

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