October 20, 2004

Webnotes Notes

Here is a Webnotes page on this graffiti-like thing that's been happening since posting on Webnotes yesterday. danah posted on it, then Will, who made the page I found first and linked to, responded in his blog about the activity occuring on his webnotes page because he saw people adding notes to his site, via his Bloglines page (through the RSS feed of changes)....

Webnotes reminds me a little of 3rd Voice, kind of like post-it notes, which people used to put around the web.... Kevin Marks mentioned that people would put porn ads on the front page of Yahoo... but it died off. This new toy is much more fun, because you make changes and additions like a wiki, going back to earlier versions if need be, and yet each little box is somewhat like a blog post, but also a note on another note, or a blog comment on another post or comment, and also because collaborative thoughts and overlaying words and presentation make things more about the group than any individual or single though, as danah notes.

I would like to be able to search Webnotes though, to find pages on topics, or by author, or title or links. And I want to post images and put little notes on those together with the other boxed notes. But I love the feed of changes. Never used e-quill though so I'm not sure how it worked.

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