June 10, 2004

Orkut Linking and FOAF Messages

So, this is facinating! Folks, bloggers, who read me? (I'm guessing and have sent them email to find out) are asking to link to me in Orkut. I haven't met them but they are Iranian bloggers. Now that we are linked, due to Orkut's messaging system, I'm getting messages asking me to travel to Iran, or things like this:

to join Orkut communities (though I have to admit, not speaking the language, I don't really know what I'd be joining, so I'm not going to do so because I don't want to just be a lurker).

But how absolutely cool to have the friend of a friend and community messages broadened by the new linking. I love it!

Posted by Mary Hodder at June 10, 2004 12:38 PM | TrackBack

Can u please invite me to Orkut.
Many Thanks,

Posted by: James at June 19, 2004 03:27 AM

salam :D age mishe mikahstam 1 invite bara man (for orkut) befrestin

Posted by: amir at November 21, 2004 12:55 PM