June 04, 2004

What Social Media is in My Pocket?

That would be social media of the technological sort. This list is sort of the equivalent of what gadgets do I have in my pocket. Push me, pull me. I don't care which.

Blogs:: Read 'em and write 'em.
Moblogs:: Love the immediacy of seeing someone's experience.
Audioblogs, Videoblogs:: Not as much, but do like them. Time consuming.
Webcasting:: My personal favorite is when I get an illicit feed of some event, where the event people don't have a clue it's going on. Love it.
Blog search tools Technorati, for the link cosmos. High quality info.
RSS:: In and outgoing. So there are aggregators that I use for the computers and the phone.
Social Networks:: Orkut, Friendster, Linked In. Consider them baseball cards however, unless I want to research someone. Don't use them too often as they aren't otherwise useful.
IM:: All the time.
Chat-IM:: Often.
Forums and chatrooms:: Only for occasional research. Low quality of info. Never post.
Online games:: Camera phone game, etc. Now and then. Fun.
Text messaging:: Constantly. Couldn't live without it. And it works often when the phone doesn't get reception. Or you're in a meeting and you can't talk. Or a no-cell zone. A godsend.
SMS:: Now and then, you have to send a photo. Like when a guy hits your car, and you calmly get out, snap a few photos, and his insurance co calls you 30 minutes later, and you email the photos from the phone.
Web on the phone:: Now and then, you have to get something critical. Or you're bored out of your mind in some analog line and it's an opportunity to check up on whatever Jeff Jarvis has thought about in the last 15 minutes.
Email:: spamminess is next to godliness.
Fax:: Yes. Would somebody please get rid of this network. I got rid of the fax machine years ago, and yet people still ask for them. So I'm forced back into the network.
Phone:: Yes, still need/like/want them. Even the ones nailed to the wall. There's nothing like chatting at 2am with someone in a gravely low voice that you like.
Wiki:: Use them for small groups over a long period, to collaborate. Or with a million people over a short period, to collaborate. Could use some iterations, but I still love em.
P2P:: Bittorrent, iTunes, Rhapsody, and more I can't think of now. It's periodic but oh so instant.
Flashmobs:: Went to one a long time ago. Died out. Them came back here and there. 2nd generation is much more interesting.
Craig's List:: Who could live without it. If nothing else, totally entertaining.
Meetups:: Once a month.
MoveOn:: Half the time yes, half no. Depends.

Posted by Mary Hodder at June 4, 2004 05:42 PM | TrackBack

I borrowed an idea from Yuri... I use wikis for myself a lot now... to organize my thoughts in an easy-to-author and then easy-to-cut-and-paste into a report/application.

Posted by: joe at June 5, 2004 10:09 AM

You're confusing SMS with two other technologies: MMS and mobile Email. SMS is just instant text messages which max out at 160 characters. This is what is being sent by billions of people all over the world. MMS is a newer multimedia messaging service meant to replace SMS, but isn't really. Sending photos from your phone via email is just that, you connect to the internet from your phone, use the incorporated email program to send a message using SMTP.

All three are very different. SMS is instant but limited. MMS is easy to use, but costly and slow. Email is the most universal but hard to set up and another phone normally isn't on the receiving end. It affects how people use the services.


Posted by: Russ at June 7, 2004 09:30 AM

Moveon.org moved on some time ago and left the rest of us behind. Now they spew forth the same level of garbage as found in the Republican gutters.

Why can't we all just by friends, brothers and sisters? Moveon.org contributes to what separates us.

Posted by: Steve at June 7, 2004 07:35 PM