About This Site

Napsterization.org was created as a resource to understand the idea of napsterization: the disruption by new technologies and digital media of old economy institutions and analog frameworks. The site looks at the rhetoric of incumbents as they try to prevent those technologies from changing the landscape. This site is also a repository of stories on positive uses peer-to-peer file sharing as well as a resource of information supporting these principles.

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Our Mission:

Napsterization.org blog focuses on positive, fair-use and legal examples of peer-to-peer file sharing of works approved by their creators for sharing, helpful in learning about works that are then lawfully purchased, or otherwise considered fair use under the "fair use doctrine" in American copyright law or the copyright laws of other countries.

The blog also gives examples of digital expresssions of disruptive technologies effects and old analog systems and institutions, as well as analysis and opinion of the effects of distruption.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to post their stories, anonymously, if the wish of interesting discoveries they have made of creative works using any disruptive technology, including P2P.

Posting Guidelines

Our community of Napsterization.org contributors should strive meet these guidelines to best serve our readers and the greater purpose of informing and demonstrating the positive aspects of P2P file sharing.

Postings to Napsterization.org should:

We ask that anyone who posts to our comments section strive toward these guidelines as well and include their name in any posting. Commenters should know that it is acceptable to convey information about P2P file sharing or other technologies, anonymously, and Napsterization.org will respect the desire to be anonymous. In fact, we have no way of tracking users who comment anonymously because users may enter whatever information about themselves. However, an IP address is logged, those often we have found that these do not resolve anywhere except to large ISPs, making it impossible to tell the identity of the poster.

Editing Guidelines

Weblogs, by their nature, invite postings that are informal and instantaneous. But their value to readers lies largely in comments that are thoughtful and pertain to the subject matter covered by the blog. If the information is to be relied upon as factual stories about the napsterization of things, we felt it was critical to control postings so that they would not veer off topic, or include spam. Weblogs allow the opportunity to avoid some of the constraints of journalistic conventions and engage in a more personal, and not impartial, dialog between readers. But other core journalistic values, like accuracy and clarity, must be retained. Many journalism Weblogs address this via different approaches to the question of whether and how postings should be subjected to the traditional journalistic editing process. Since this is not pure journalism, but a weblog about file sharing and disruptive digital media experiences, it is our intention to maintain the integrity of the postings as people file them in comments, and only edit out materials which are outside the scope of our mission.

We also reserve the right to remove comments that are for marketing purposes only (comment spam). However, we consider that other than the comment spam, this instances will be extremely rare.

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Privacy Policy

The Napsterization.org weblog respects the privacy of its community and will not provide to third parties or resell any personal information submitted to the site. The Napsterization.org weblog does employ cookies, but only to record your comment posting preferences, after which time the cookie is deleted, unless the user requests the comment info to be saved for future commenting. Email addresses in submitted comments are altered to fool spam-harvesting 'bots.


The Napsterization.org weblog appreciates the sharing of some of the above policies as they originated from the bIPlog class, modified to fit the requirements of Napsterization.org project.

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