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Napsterization.org's blog was created as a resource to understand the idea of napsterization: the disintermediation by new technologies and digital media of old economy, incumbent institutions and analog frameworks.

The site looks at the rhetoric of incumbents as they try to prevent those technologies from changing the landscape. This site is also a repository of stories on positive uses peer-to-peer file sharing as well as a resource of information supporting these principles.

Some content freely shared by musicians, film makers, game makers, programers, internet distribution of media, etc:

BBC: Rip, Mix, Share
Garage Band
Free Expression Policy Project - Bibliography of the Information Commons
The Revolution Will Be Photographed
Bubb Rubb & Lil Sis

Napsterization.org's main site was created as a resource to demonstrate napsterization through links, resources, news stories, and digital media.

Stories about the napsterization of industries, media, court cases, organizations, technologies, events, incumbants vs. innovators

Three Minutes With Rob Glaser: RealNetworks' exec talks about competing with Apple ITunes and why the movie industry may face another Napster., By Scott Woolley (IDG News Service 1/16/04)
The Big Squeeze: The Napsterization of Hollywood, By Scott Woolley (Forbes, 1/12/04)
Is Los Angeles the Next Manaus? The Napsterization of IP, John Pinkerton (TechCentralStation, 12/31/03)
Reshaping the Supply Chains & The Virtual Hand: The Napsterization of the Supply Chain (Rand Corporation, 12/23/03; also see Morris Cohen, Wharton in this audio version)
Napster Runs for President in '04, Frank Rich (NYTimes, 12/21/03)
Waiting for the Phone to Bark: The Napsterization of Ring Tones, By Daniel Terdiman (Wired, 12/11/03)

resources, essays, links defining napsterization:

Google: napsterization defined by...

Terry Fisher's Copyright and Distribution Speech

Napsterization: Music was Just the Beginning by Laura Rich and Hane Lee

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