February 07, 2008

Rickrolling.. not quite but worse, from Slide's Funwall

Getting rickrolled is when you get tricked into watching a video, thinking you are going to watch something else. (A Rick Astley video was the one that rickrolling was named after.)

I've been thinking Facebook and Slide had jumped the shark a long time ago, though I use Facebook daily to get in touch with distant contacts I don't have email for, and then we typically jump off Facebook. Sometimes Facebook is fun, but most of my "feed" reflecting my contacts activities is just from the few self-promoters trying to tell me how great the latest thing they just did is. Not really fun for me.

But Slide apps on Facebook have lately been Spam and Bacon filled crap, where even when I say to them after filling out some silly thing or posting something to an app *not *to contact all my contacts, they do it anyway. It's not just slide though, other apps do this as well. May be a bug but they all seem to do it, and since the value of that bug is so high to them, I tend to think it's really a *feature* of the worst spammy bacon-filled kind.

Well the last 24 hour takes the cake. This porn image (posted here: View image by clicking, but it's NSFW, for sure) has been forwarded to me by no less than ten people, including 2 VCs, 3 high level east coast media execs, 2 PR people, plus 3 others. All of whom must be embarrassed as all get out that they've forwarded me and all their other contacts this porno spam by mistake because Slide says "Forward" to find out what happens next in the picture. Except the Forward button takes them to nothing, except a big thanks for letting Slide spam your friends

Evil. It was only a matter of time before apps like Slide and others did something like this to up their use numbers. Even if someone is hacking Slide, Slide built the tools that allow this to happen. And whoever did this is preying on people's curiosity about what they would see next, since the image says "click Forward to see what happen next (sic)." In fact, the app is really spamming everyone in the person's contact list with porn, and that's what happens next.

What bothers me so much about this is that the features are built to disregard the user's relationships, their personal and professional connections, for the sake of the app maker's desire to get more users and make money. It's wrong.

I'm deleting all my Slide and other spammy Facebook apps today. This is really bad. So does this mean we need a new term, like getting Sliderolled, as in, you got tricked into spamming your friends with porn?

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