September 06, 2007

Apple Vacation Email Gone Mad

This past weekend I was gone for three days and decided (after past goading by others who said I really should use the vacation email system in my Mac Mail - and they are mac-heads so I figured they knew) to turn it on.

Well. I choose to only use it for my work email, and assumed it would be smart enough to:
1. send vacation email to any email arriving AFTER the thing was turned on
2. only send one per email address
3. no maillist replies and no mail in other folders (even if segregated during the period, should be touched -- which would include spam in the "junk" box)


What a disaster. People got a vacation email sent in reply to every email they'd ever sent me, including mail lists, spam, anything in any other box that I'd dragged over.

Not only did Mac Mail ignore the date, but it sent 5, or 10 or however many email I've exchanged with someone, back to them for messages that in some cases were years old.


I'm so sorry, if you got spammed. And if you didn't, well, you were lucky. All I can say is, what the hell is Apple thinking with this, and what were those people who told me to use it thinking? It's 2007.

This was all so amateurish circa 1997. I really couldn't believe it when I got home and saw what had happened.

I'll never use vacation email again. This is why I avoided it in the past. Because my experience with it from others has not been good. And now I'm one of those vaca spammers who are so annoying. Yuck.

Posted by Mary Hodder at September 6, 2007 10:37 PM | TrackBack

He he no one could ever think of you as a spammer Mary, anyway I hope you had a good vacation.

Posted by: Martin McEvoy at September 7, 2007 10:41 AM

I did the exact same thing the first (and only) time I tried to use automated reply via mac Mail. I actually think it can be prevented by setting up enough parameters in the Rules, but they make it WAY too complicated. Just now I tried again to figure out exactly how to apply various rules to have it work right, and gave up. The least they could do in the Help file on the topic is give you an example. It can't be that uncommon an "ask."

Posted by: Elisa Camahort at September 8, 2007 10:17 AM