August 06, 2007

Random Facts

So, I've been tagged with a sort of chain mail for random facts about me from Kermit.

Here are some non-technology facts about me:

1. I like orange. I really like orange. I have an orange handbag, orange Tod flip flops, orange suede Taryn Rose clogs, an orange Treo, and orange macbook pro cover, and an orange necklace. But it has to be the right color of tangerine. Or it's no good.
2. I like Italy. Especially Florence and Siena. But also Elba and the left coast.
3. I make a Cassoulet every winter that takes three days to complete. And then I hold a large dinner with close friends and family to celebrate eating 7 kinds of meat with perfect little white delicious beans. That doesn't include the time before I start the Cassoulet when I make stock.
4. I make stock out of everything. Most everything in my kitchen has three stages: roasting, cooking or raw, then leftovers to be eaten later, then the last stage is either stock pot or compost. Maybe trash. But I don't generate much trash. I recycle a lot, but i usually buy raw ingredients. So there just isn't much trash.
5. In my freezer right now, there is the following: stocks -- duck, chicken, lamb, beef, goose, pork, shrimp, fish, vegetable, mushroom; lemoncello I made myself; breads from the Cheese Board; pork tamales and pork enchilada I made two months ago from pomegranate roasted tri tip; roasted poblano sauce; raw walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, pecans; organic unsalted butter brought to me from Paris recently; wild mushroom ragu.
6. I only really have time to cook on Saturday nights or Sunday, with a startup. But I still do it pretty regularly.
7. I had to give up coffee, but recently, after a year of no coffee (my last was an espresso with ice cream - Affagato - in London last September) I recently had a capuccino. Fantastic. And my stomach didn't hurt either. So.. maybe I can have one, once in a great while, now.

Now. Regarding the people I'm supposed to forward this challenge to? Well, I can't think of anyone who needs it. So I'm holding off for now.

Posted by Mary Hodder at August 6, 2007 09:16 AM | TrackBack

Thanks, Mary! Wow, that made me hungry ... :-)

Posted by: Kermit at August 19, 2007 02:17 PM