July 19, 2007

Email Has Evaporated As a Social Tool

Yes, I still get the occasional social email. But I looked through my email over the last week, and I have two (yes TWO) social email. The other 5,000 or so are business (though I have even talked with VCs using Facebook and IM recently), or mail lists about things I'm interested in, Google Alerts, or spam.

But nothing much social, nothing of pure fun.

Email I think it's safe to say, is 99.9995% over for me as a social tool. And that makes it a whole lot less fun.

Now I use Facebook, IM, Twitter, blogging and commenting, txt messaging on my phone, MMS on my phone, the phone itself for things social, Dabble to see video recommendations from friends, and Flickr for my friends photos. Email is a pure notification and mail list tool.

Yesterday I got a demo of the new Plaxo from Mr. Plaxo (Joseph Smarr) and the "open Facebook" as Techcrunch called it. Was really interesting because it pulled everything into one place, everything except Facebook and personal phone messaging that is. I'm trying it out on my own now.

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