March 13, 2007

SXSW Ramblings

Ramble alert.

Ok.. people I missed who I wished were there:

Liz Lawley
Halley Suitt
Caterina Fake
Salim Ismail
Emily Davidow
Jerry Michalski
David Isenberg

That's all I can think of at the moment. But I remember missing more! Pls come next year!

Ok.. the hotels.

We stayed the Hilton Garden (around the corner from SXSW and the main Hilton) which had just been bought, renovated partly and had a gym with 4 (four!) treadmills which no one wanted to use and 1 (one!) eclipse machine, which everyone wanted to use. Nice distribution guys. Oh, and the two broken bikes didn't help.

But they had free internet access. But it was only for one night.

Then we stayed at the big Hilton across from SXSW. Very convenient. But, they charge for their gym (supposedly because they have attendants.. which I could care less about and just need an eclipse machine thank you). And they charge for the wifi.. which I paid for, and every third page (yes!!! was so messed up!!!) redirected my browser to a Hilton ad.

Ok... I paid $10 for wifi, and it was slow as molasses. So I would load up a bunch of pages, do email for a while, and go back to find that 1/3 of the pages had been hijacked by Hilton. I'm already staying there.. so do I really need an advertisement? I mean come on. I paid already. I showed it to Kaliya who was totally appalled. What a rip off. Needless to say, I didn't buy it for the rest of the stay. So for three days I kept getting my computer at 1am or 8am, and going to the lobby to get the free, fast, ad-free wifi. Which was annoying as hell.

I won't stay at the big Hilton ever after that. Esp since the big Hilton is literally double the price. I'd rather get a free gym and wifi from a cheaper hotel than pay more, and then pay again, and again. And again. Stupid.

Ok.. so the BBQ, with Joyce and Lili rocked, as did all the fun parties, the people (every day I'd be walking around Austin and see like 80 people I knew.. was totally fun), the interesting talks, etc.

So, the only thing that wasn't so convenient was the rain. Which had massively affecting the party schedule for lots of people, and then delayed planes on the way out.. mine to Oakland was delayed for hours, when we were checking in, so Joyce said, hey, just take my plane to Las Vegas and then go to Oakland, which got me there 25 minutes earlier than my other flight. Yea!

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