February 10, 2007

This is one of those CC-the-world posts

So, my sweet Mac got smashed. I'd maxed out the 1 gb of ram a year and a half ago, and was constantly both backing parts of it up (my movies and photos mostly, a few key documents, but it's maxed out on those things too) and either deleting files or removing big video files to the external drive I have in order to make room. What a pain. I've needed a new computer for a while, but I was trying to hit a particular milestone before I bought a MacBook pro. Well, once the corner got smashed a few days ago, that was it. I had to do it because it won't close. And it's acting really funny in that I can't seem to get it to shut down properly or backup the past week or so. Yikes.

I was on the Apple site, comparing prices with other sites that sell Macs, and figured out I could do better with Apple, by $350, but the remaining question was: which harddrive? The one it comes with is 120 gbs, at 5400 rpms, or you can upgrade to a 160 gb, 5400 rpm, or (and this is very tempting, in that I edit a lot of video on my laptop) a 200 gb HD with 4200 rpm.

The only person I could think of who I could call and possibly get a recommendation at 8:45am on Saturday morning in order to press the "buy" button now is Doc Searls. So I rang, and he picked up from the UCSB Newspapers 2.0 conf (yeah.. I told him I'm waiting for Kitchen 2.0 or Carburetors 2.0 conf. I mean WTF.. why is everything 2.0.. I'm so tired of 2.0. And he agreed that even though it had been named months ago, it was all a bit tired, that 2.0 thing. How about if we just talk about stuff and include social interaction and the web as part of all universes now that it pretty much is, online?) Anyway, Doc says, Dan and JD are here, and we start in 7 minutes. I said I need your one minute assessment of harddrives for MacBooks (Doc is the one who got me to get the external harddrive I have now, which is really an internal harddrive, in a case, for a mac.) A second passed and he said, I know nothing.

Then another second passes, and he's off on a tear telling me that having more room means having faster access so the rpm speed matters less, and when he got his HD that was bigger at 5400 rpms he thought it was faster than his smaller HD with 7600 rpms and that there isn't that much difference but on the other hand the fragmentation of the drive matters much more in terms of performance and so using the defrag utility regularly is key and then some stuff about heat and the machine came up as well as density of the information and corruptibility and so actually I should in the end, considering all all that, get the 200 gb HD with 4200 rpms. 1 minute.

So I ordered. Hit the buy button. We hung up. And Doc went off to talk about Newspapers 2.0. Whatever that means.

Thanks Doc. That was perfect.

Oh, and I'm going to frame my old cover because I do really like it:

Herbert Bishko took this photo of me and my laptop

Posted by Mary Hodder at February 10, 2007 08:57 AM | TrackBack

Frame the old laptop? There are better uses. One is to frame the other side and make it a hi-res, 802.11 enabled digital picture frame that constantly refreshes with interesting flickr searches. Or dabble could make a video screensaver that keeps picking out popular videos and running them (without sound though.)

Or turn the screen off entirely and make it a low power (electricity wise) server. In California, the electricity is the most expensive part of the computer, but not in a laptop.

Or take out the old hard drive, and put it in an external case, and replace the drive with a flash card for a truly silent computer for the above purposes. Running linux of course.

Posted by: Brad Templeton at February 10, 2007 11:02 AM