September 21, 2006

One Web Day Announcement

I'm on the Board of One Web Day -- celebrating the internet once a year.

Here is the official announcement:

OneWebDay, "Earth Day for the Web," First Global Holiday to Celebrate How the Web Has Changed Our Lives Taking Place Sept. 22, 2006

Craig Newmark, Craigslist and Scott Heiferman, Meetup, to Kick Off Activities

New York, NY--Sept. 20, 2006—OneWebDay, an "Earth Day for the Web", the first global holiday to celebrate the web and how it has changed our lives, is planned for September 22, 2006 (and every September 22 thereafter). As with Earth Day--an inspiration and model for OneWebDay--individuals, organizations and communities are celebrating in a variety of ways.
Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist, said: "OneWebDay reminds us that the net really is a democratizing medium, that everyone gets a chance to participate. If you want, you can stick your neck out and speak truth to power." Scott Heiferman, co-founder of Meetup and Fotolog, added: "The internet is under-hyped. It’ll only continue to re-shape lives across the globe. Surely it deserves a day. OneWebDay is a day for more people to think about how the internet can help solve problems for people around the world."

OneWebDay is creating an historic, grassroots event to mark the launch of OneWebDay. CNET Networks' Webshots (, a global photo-sharing community, is working with OneWebDay to enable the largest global, online photo collaboration. Web users are invited to post a digital photo on and label it “onewebday.” OneWebDay will then create a visualization of the web made up of these photos posted by millions of users around the world. This will show the power of online collaboration.

"The internet has become such a ubiquitous force in our lives that it's easy to forget how it has changed the world," said Susan Crawford, associate professor at the Cardozo School of Law, the architect of OneWebDay. "When people around the globe can 'see' the web, we'll think about how the web helps humans to work together and how much it means to us," Crawford added.

Events are happening across America and around the world: So far, we have events happening in Austin, TX; Belgrade, Serbia; Boston, MA; All over Canada: Chambolle-Musigny, Burgundy, France; Champaign-Urbana, IL; Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA; Chicago, IL; London and other places in the UK; Los Angeles; Milano, Italy; Naples, Italy; New York, NY; Phillipines; San Francisco, CA; Second Life; Slovakia; Sofia, Bulgaria; Tokyo, Japan; Vancouver, Canada; Vienna, Austria; Westport, CT updates at:

In addition to the giant collage, online activities in conjunction with OneWebDay include:
* Tell us the wackiest way you've used craigslist and if your story is selected, you will win a prize and get to share your tale on OneWebDay. Send your story to
* Join others celebrating around the world by making a OneWebDay video, post it to, and will make it available for the world to see.
* Encourage your friends to take one web-related action that helps someone else: Teach someone how to edit a wiki, start a blog, or post a photo online.

Newmark of craigslist fame, Heiferman of Meetup. NYC Council Member Gale Brewer, and Drew Schutte, publishing director, WIRED, will speak at an event in New York.

Council Member Brewer said: "One of the key ideas behind OneWebDay is increasing public web access around the world. I'm proud to have been an active promoter of this effort in the City's parks and public spaces. More importantly, the Internet opens up the world to so many people, particularly our young people."

"WIRED has reported on and been inspired by the web from its infancy. We recognize its power to connect and influence. We are honored to be part of One Web Day to recognize the critical role the web plays in our lives," says Schutte of WIRED.

OneWebDay, Inc. has been formed and is seeking nonprofit status. It has an independent Board of Directions. The Board includes: A-list bloggers (Doc Searls, David Weinberger, David Isenberg, Mary Hodder), business executives (Don Telage, David Johnson, Rick Whitt), a NYC PR person (Renee Edelman, Edelman), a key researcher (Gregg Vesonder, AT&T), and a former state AG (Jim Tierney, Maine). Its president, Susan Crawford, is committed to working on this holiday for the next 10 years. OneWebDay is supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Cardozo Law School, Union Square Ventures, Edelman, DFJGotham, CNET Networks’ Webshots, CIRA, and individuals.

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