May 02, 2006

Blog Spam from Netscape, and Netscape's Inability to Deal With It

I keep getting blogspam notifications (more than 500) after a Netscape blogger keeps trying to post what looks like automated blog comment spam with a link payload to my blog. They are here: followed by pizdetcc/refinance.html (if you go to this link, it redirects to a search site for refinance and mortgages, but i don't want to publish the link, even with a nofollow).

I emailed Netscape at their privacy policy address. They have no abuse address, and their Terms Of Service doesn't say anything about how blog spam creation is against the TOS. So, my only option was to email the only address about any policy on their site, to let them know they are hosting spammers and not only do they not know, but it's not against the rules at Netscape.

Well... they wrote back. See below for the full correspondence, but they responded that I should contact MY HOSTER for MY BLOG. Wo.

Netscape is hosting blog spammers and this is their answer? Talk about not getting it.

Below is the original email, and their reply:

Subject: Re: spam from your user at
Date: April 21, 2006 6:57:11 AM PDT

This mailbox is only able to address inquiries related to Netscape Network privacy. For assistance with your blog, please contact the hosting company directly.

Netscape Privacy Team

-----Original Message-----
From: mary hodder
Sent: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 09:14:53 -0700
Subject: spam from your user at

TO: Mywebpage hosting

I have gotten hundreds of blog spam in comments and trackbacks
from one of your users.

NOTE: I read your TOS and there is no where in there to report abuse, or to tell users
that "blog spam" is against the TOS. This needs to be changed so that blog spam is made illegal by your TOS.

Below is a notification I received from my Blog's software (my blog is called Napsterization) where your user is spamming me. I have received hundreds of these attempts to leave comment spam, where the payload is a link to that uses commercial site.

Please block this user.

mary hodder

An unapproved comment has been posted on your blog Napsterization, for entry #291 (Blog Comment Spam - A New Low and So Bizarre). You need to approve this comment before it will appear on your site.

Approve this comment: =17465&blog_id=1>

IP Address:
Name: misty
Email Address:
URL: pizdetcc/refinance.html

I like your website alot...its lots of fun... you have to help me out with mine...

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Posted by Mary Hodder at May 2, 2006 07:56 AM | TrackBack

Did you try or

You apparently sent to an address where the recipient is only capable of handling particular issues, and didn't understand yours.

Posted by: Seth Breidbart at May 4, 2006 09:07 AM

Hi Seth,
So, on the Netscape pages, there is no email address that goes anywhere except I didn't try making up a few different addresses to see if they might work. I simply emailed the one they had for policy.

It seemed to me that spam is an important enough issue that the policy people would be interested. I did send email to their which is listed as the contact on their domain registration. But they have not answered.


Posted by: mary hodder at May 4, 2006 09:58 AM