March 26, 2006

The Live Web

Newsweek put up an article late last night on The New Wisdom of the Web, which I'm in, and quoted mentioning the "live web." This idea is something I got from Doc Searls, who told me he first heard it from his son Allen Searls. I have to thank Doc for all of our conversations about this. He is kind of an information shaman, and very wise about the web.

I do think that the difference between the web of 5 years ago, and the web now, is very much the liveness of it. The static web is email and static webpages.. and the live web is all about change, time and people conversing across time and place online.

We also put this up on Dabble, for our invited beta. We expect it won't be long before we can throw open the doors.

Dabble Announces Private Beta

We're pleased to announce our first private beta, and we'd like to invite you to join! Just send us an email address so you can be part of one of the most exciting online video communities on the Web. OK, the most exciting!

Dabble is a video remix community that makes it easy and fun for people to create, browse, and find video online. We provide the tools that put you on the other side of the lens, whether that’s a digital camera, cell phone, or video camera. Once you log in, you can:

* Drag and drop the Dabble bookmarklet into your bookmark bar so that you can easily link media you find on the Web or in your inbox to Dabble.
* Gather and organize your own videos, your contacts’ (people you know) videos, and all of the videos in the Dabble database.
* See you contacts online and share your favorite media bookmarks.
* Track the most popular tags and browse tags for new video.
* Organize your video play lists, and check out your contacts’ playlists.
* Ask for video if you can’t find it, look for film festivals to submit video to and see what others are looking for in our Ask section.

Posted by Mary Hodder at March 26, 2006 08:27 AM | TrackBack

Hi Mary,

Great photo in Newsweek. Interestingly, I recognised your laptop from MashupCamp before I recognised you! Great stuff, and good luck with Dabble. very cool.


Posted by: Christopher Reichert at March 28, 2006 03:10 PM

Interesting to read this just after a discussion about online competencies where one person noted that we have moved from thinking about tools and processes to "living the web."

Posted by: Nancy White at March 30, 2006 05:31 PM