March 02, 2006

My response to Techcrunch/Crunchnotes regarding One Web Day

So.. Mike Arrington posted this on the One Web Day dinner coming up: Is there a point to this that I am missing?

He doesn't understand that getting big political behemoths to take a look at why net neutrality is critical is really hard. So, for those of us not in the digerati, Susan Crawford created One Web Day, to get non-geeks to pay attention to how the web has changed our lives, and how unhelpful CEOs like the one at AT&T (who totally don't get it, I mean how does he even send email? much less surf the web !?! or for that matter tie his shoes?) who thinks there should be tiered pricing for every little thing, and those who serve lots of data should pay extra. I mean, dude, they do pay extra already. They pay a lot for their hosting .. and we the users pay a lot.. and geez.. isn't that enough? Or do the servers of data need to pay yet again? It's a triple pay, he's proposing. It's ridiculous!

Oh, and did I mention he wants to make the video and VOIP protocols move really agonizingly slow? Unless they come from him and his buddies. Okay, dude, it's my choice, what I click on! I don't want you altering my clicks, my internet experience... hands off!

Anyway, okay, back to Mike. So Mike doesn't understand One Web Day and I can understand that... I mean.. it does appear namby-pamby at first. But then.. think about all the bureaucrats in countries all around the world that are just starting to get a handle on all this internet stuff and still haven't even read Techcrunch yet. And if mister AT&T-clueless has his way, Mike will have to pay even more for all of those new readers to see Techcrunch, because Mr AT&T wants to charge Mike for people to see him, on top of the hosting Mike already pays for, and the charges the readers already pays to get access.

So.. One Web Day. It's for people who are not digerati.. but still.. we need geeks to get in there and spread the meme. So we proposed a dinner.. for Susan, to make her case and meet some folks on the west coast who can help with that. She's smart, she gets it, she's not namby pamby. She just cares about making the web free and accessible. For Techcrunch. For Mike. For all of you. So suck it up and sign up for the dinner. And you too Valleywag. Thanks.

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Oregon Senator Ron Wyden may be coming to the rescue on net neutrality. His bill, the Internet Nondiscrimination Act, would give Ed Whitacre, Bill Smith, and Ivan Seidenberg the response they truly deserve for their threats to the Net.

Posted by: David Utter at March 3, 2006 05:39 AM