January 21, 2006

Microformats for Media, Part II

Figuring out the Microformats process has come down to this: once you know they will accept having a particular format, you then have to provide bottom up examples of use. After that, you brainstorm from the examples, and after that, some kind of schema is worked up. I'm not a schema writer, but I do read them. There are others working on this project, like Josh Kinberg and Lisa Rein who can contribute to the schema better than me, as well as all the folks who expressed interest over the past 7 months. Though as noted before, the old format page went off in the direction of figuring out what top down metadata schemas existed already. What I've done today is an attempt to look at this bottom up, as the Microformats people want.

In keeping with Tantek Çelik's request to have microformats examples here, at Media-Info-Examples, I've posted examples of media publishing by users. Each example is followed by what elements the user put in, and then an estimate of the numbers of uses that are similar. These numbers are based on what I'm seeing as we work on Dabble, but others may have higher amounts. We are seeing photos, audio and video, all with titles, creator, license, and associated URLs. But very often, we see tags, quotes (into the middle of video or audio or region annotation of photos), duration if it's audio or video, and descriptions or summaries.

Also, I've added to the Media Brainstorming page to note these elements that come up often in users publishing of media, and also note the items that rarely come up but that might want to be included at the bottom of a format somewhere, if desired.

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