January 21, 2006

Mash Up Camp Progress

So, Mashup Camp is moving along. To recap...

  • Dec 15, David Berlind said the idea in a meeting we were in, and later Doc Searls and I agreed to help.

  • Dec 22 David wrote about it on his blog, announcing it. Lot's of folks blogged about it and very very interested.

  • Jan 9 The domain was purchased and website set up with lots of help from Ross Mayfield.
  • Jan 13 After much discussion and coordination with very helpful people like Ross Mayfield and Lauren Gellman, of Stanford's Center for Internet and Society, I managed to get the Computer History Museum (thanks to Peter Hirshberg too!). To date, without a venue or time, we had 245 people out of 250 spots signed up.
  • On Jan 16, we "sold out" and started a wait list.
  • I think this is the fastest organized event I've seen, with this breadth of people and concerns. There is a fantastic group of people, including all the mashup developers and folks from big API provider companies like Apple, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, etc.

    Now David and Doug are working on getting lunches and the evening event paid for, the site details and costs worked out (big thanks to the Museum for donating the site at a non profit rate, since this is a community event and costs $0 to attend -- consider joining the Museum here). Others are helping to get some hotels lined up for out of towners, and people are thinking about sessions they might lead and dinners.

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