December 30, 2005

Mash - Mash

David Berlind and I have been chatting for a couple of weeks about his terrific idea for Mash Up Camp. The idea is similar to Tag Camp and Bar Camp, where anyone, developers to start up founders to big company enthusiasts, will convene (probably about 200 people) to share Mash up ideas and projects, and develop some new and interesting ones.

It's sprouted from conversations about the anti-conference, and how much more fun and meaningful the camp thing can be.

Date is not yet set. But stay tuned. Should be announced soon with a date in the near future.

Meanwhile, Chris Messina just announced another Mash up camp, for about 12 people (maybe it's a Mash up Meetup as it's so small), which sounds really fun, for January 17. Sign up here. Looks like the goal is to develop a couple of mashups over the course of the day. Maybe Chris et al can share those at the big Camp a month or so later.

I can't go to the Mash up Mini, because I'll most likely be busy working, but if you have an interest, sign up now. There are 9 spots left as of this morning.

Also on the evening of the 17th, the Stanford Venture Laboratory is having a thing on User Generated Content and the Future of Media.

It's been so fantastic having this week and last be tech-event-free. We've been working in the office late late late every night, and yet there is still time to workout and clean out closets last weekend. I love this two week period because I feel like I can get so much done, plus get really healthy at the gym. I actually feel like I'm far ahead of where I was two weeks ago.

But it looks like that's going to change a bit come January.

We should hold a two week quite period on events every quarter just so we can all catch up on stuff.

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