October 05, 2005

Video 2.0

I'm moderating a session today with Brad Horowicz, Josh Felser and Dmitry Shapiro at Web 2.0 at 11:15am.

This place is packed. I'm not sure how we are going to have a discussion.. but we will be having a led discussion with the audience!

Here is the session description:

Video 2.0: When and How Will It Come?

Video online is rife with barriers for users and service makers alike. While higher bandwidth and cheap storage make digital online media easier, there are still lots of barriers. Access to archives and new video, copyright and licensing, difficulties with search, formats and standardization, and the user nightmare of uploading to the web. Users are remixing each other's work as well as top down content in the grey area of 'fair use.' And users are shooting everything with small mobile devices.

What are the challenges, what's working and what needs immediate fixing? What is interesting that's coming soon, and what are users doing that we didn't expect?

We will look at these issues in an interactive audience discussion remix, to get closer to what Video 2.0 will look like: an on demand, rich media world online where it's not just creators and consumers, but enthusiasts and remixers, all of whom will add to both the business models of content producers and tool makers, and the enjoyment of those who view rich media.

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