September 27, 2005

What's going on?

The deal. I've been working like crazy. My calendar is bloated full of interesting events and people I want to see because they ARE wonderful and interesting. But then I was off the grid for a bit while at a workshop this weekend that was mindblowing. And it will help me so much in my on-the-grid work.

Om Malik blogged something about Treo's and a lawsuit again Palm, and now a gazillion people are leaving amazing comments about their Treo experiences (good, bad and ugly) on my old blog post about the cynical approach Palm had on developing the 650.

Scott Beale of sent me a fabulous present in the mail today of beautiful stickers for my laptop. Thanks Scott. You so rock!

I was sorry to miss Webzine due to my workshop, but I did get the stickers, and now I may need a new laptop cause the old one is getting so full. There's a marketing campaign for Apple: Buy a new powerbook for your latest stickers... because well, let's face it, your old laptop just can't hold any more of them.

Bar Camp 05

Is there Moore's law for stickers? This is bad, but good.

Also, been reading Ray Kurzweil's book, The Singularity. Really great.

Participatory Media discussion group tonight with Howard Rheingold and Xiao Chang. That should be great.

Oh, and a very close friend, whom I've known all my life, died yesterday around 1pm. That's the ugly part. That's really hard.

So, my blogging has suffered. Sorry. And there is so much I want to blog! Drat.

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