August 24, 2005

Important Questions About What Matters as we make an Ad Hoc Community Algorithm to Describe Blog Communities and Weight Bloggers In Them...

J. LeRoy on Convergence and Procreation talking about ad hoc groups in the blogosphere:

Right on! Dynamically generated communities will be key to this process, because day-to-day, these communities shift, and yet, it is also important to see conversation over time. The blogosphere is often self correcting, and bad actors get modded down over time, with useful work modded up. So we must achieve a balance in this dichotomy.

So what are the metrics that help balance tunnel vision with newness and interestingness in a community and the weighting of blogs, to discover innovation? Or do we use the metrics we have now, but tune them to balance these concerns?

Julie Leung in Now serving: Blogher Bouillabaisse:

Asking ourselves why we blog is very important in this discussion. It can lead us to uncover some implicit motivations and activities we engage in, that might help us with this effort. On reason I blog is to create a knowledge management system for myself. Another is to point to things I'm interested in, sharing that with others. And I like having an opinion exposed now and then. Digging deeper will help expose the answer to the broader issue at hand: finding out who does what, and what is done by whom, and what and who matter.

Mathemagenic in Link love: lists, clouds and action points asks from 'what to how?" and wonders.. where to get the data:

Data is an issue. However, we will ask companies collecting data to help us. Three have firmly committed to running a community algorithm against their data, along with a startup in stealth mode, that also has a complete database. We'd love to have as many blog search companies as possible on board for this ad hoc community experiment. I've seen this experiment as something of a partnership between companies who create blog search for readers, bloggers, PR people, advertisers, and marketers, and the blogging community that is talking about this effort. If others see problems with this, please tell us.

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