July 29, 2005

Blogher Speaker's Session

I'm here in the Blogher Speaker's session, held the day before the conference. Notes are posted on Donna Mill's blog: SoCalMom.

Blogher Speaker's Session I must say, this is impressive. I know of no other conference that holds speaker sessions (there may be some but I've never heard of it, so please leave comments if there are some). Almost all the speakers came, and the presentations by Elisa Camahort and Lisa Stone were great. I'll update this post with notes from Donna's post, but frankly, every conference I attend could use something like this, were the organizers give the results of the survey from attendees as they registered (context about who's coming and what they care about.. talk about knowing your audience), common sense tips about speaking and the guidelines for running sessions.

Blogher Speaker's Session The handout, which is not yet online, but will be, should be given to speakers everywhere.

One other tip during the session on how to live blog: don't wear organic deodorant on days like tomorrow, use the one's with aluminum .. just for tomorrow.

And.. they quoted Doc Searls post about Jonathan Schwartz at Always On who was too even, and needed to be more animated, have more fun. The suggestion to us was, have energy, have fun.!


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