July 30, 2005

An Answer! Chris Anderson Writes About Sellers at the End of the Long Tail

Chris wrote a post a couple of days ago, in answer to a series of questions I wrote in the fall. I asked about sellers further down the curve. Not Ebay and iTunes and Amazon, who are themselves at the top of the curve, but selling stuff down the curve, but actually the sellers themselves that exist down the curve, as well as selling content down the curve. I could only think of a couple of examples.

Chris answers.. here, where he says that most of the sellers are either at the top of the power law as sellers of tail content, or they are slicing bits of their businesses into small subdivisions of themselves to sell content. He suggests that the following is happening, where there are:

Update: Chris notes here that there are some sellers operating down the niche including companies like CDBaby, CountryTracks.com, TheLoveOfMetal.com, DownloadPop.com and AudioFader.com. Chris makes the case for those kinds of businesses here.


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