July 11, 2005

The Train of the Blogosphere

Jessika Hjarta left a comment on my blog here.. which, I have to say, felt a little bit like comment spam because it was so general and resembled the comment spam (which only shows up in the backend as i have good filter, but there is a ton of it) that spammers try to leave. But I looked at her blog (personal journal and opinion style) and decided she was just saying she liked my blog, which I very much appreciate. But then Doc IM'd me and asked if this comment on his blog was spam. Same type of comment from Jessika, saying 'nice blog,' with a link to hers. We decided to write her a note, to see what was up, and it turns out that she sincerely liked both our blogs, is interested in topics around technology and the web, and she's relatively new to blogging. Next thing we get email asking about what an RSS feed is, as she listened to a Gillmor Gang podcast, and then asked Doc, what's a podcast?

I remember when I first discovered of all this stuff online... it was really exciting, and finding people who could help me understand more of it was great too. People online who were blogging were just so nice and interesting, and I'm really happy to pass that help along to someone else who's new and trying to figure out what this all means. And check out her blog. It rocks, has a cool pinup-y style that's really beautiful, and is another great voice for the blogosphere.

Posted by Mary Hodder at July 11, 2005 07:54 AM | TrackBack

Yes, I am the old time blogger myself, and I see lately how's there so much misunderstanding with newcomer blogs. Although they are just discovering blogs and these info jungles created by blogs, and when they try to get hooked with people who wrote something they are interested ( let's say they land somehonw to those A-list bloggers ), they don't take them seriously just because they wanted to be nice or they can't spell english 100 percent ( just like me ;)

Posted by: Zec at July 11, 2005 09:46 AM