June 30, 2005

Mobile Tracking

Nathan Eagle, of MIT, talked at Where 2.0 today, about social activity and tracking. Below is the first part, explaining the Reality Mining, his project that used 100 Nokia phones, tracking these phone users, to see who they know and what they did together or apart, and where, on the video I shot below. Also, he noted that with this study, he could empirically show that a week has 7 days as part of his phd work. It's nice to know that in world where it feels like phds mostly think about commercial opportunities as they pursue their doctorate, or if they pursue teaching, that they still are thinking about how many contracts and commercial grants they can bring into the academic institution the work for, there are still one or two who can joke about non-commercial academic pursuits while still doing something useful. I know this isn't the fault of academics, but rather market forces on academia, but still, I liked him a lot for mentioning this.

The video is the first couple minutes of his talk..


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