June 27, 2005

Grokster Loses, and so do we on that and broadband

I'm sure you all know this by now, but Grokster has lost it's latest.. the ruling says: "P2P software manufacturers can be held liable for the infringing activities of people who use their software."

Ernie Miller has excellent information, including info on the press conferences with the RIAA and MPAA today as well as analysis of the case, or look at the CNN info on grokster.

Also, the Supreme Court overturned a decision that required cable operators to lease their lines to competitors... meaning that now they get to provide the physical cable connection *and* the internet access as a monopoly. According to the article, the FCC considers this a victory, along with large cable companies, and the losers are small ISPs, consumers and local governments.

So much for our freedom to connect!

Posted by Mary Hodder at June 27, 2005 12:39 PM | TrackBack

Also of note on the BrandX decision: Scalia penned a marvelous dissent. Scalia!! Here's an arch conservative interpreting the constitution in a manner that does not kowtow or suck up to Big Business. You'd think Scalia drank a little of that Sam Ervin Kool-Aid!

And now with Sandra Day O'Conner retiring, we can look forward to even more majority decisions favoring the incumbent monoliths, keeping the old boys club a private domain for self-aggrandizing and the creation of revenue via billable legal hours.

Posted by: Dean Landsman at July 1, 2005 08:51 PM