June 23, 2005

Live Vlogging Supernova

... and here are the results. I made this on the fly.. the past two days, and showed it during the last session at Supernova 2005, yesterday. It was a bit of an adventure making it and trying to show it all in a few hours.

Not perfect, but that's blogging, or vlogging.

(4 min 18 sec, made with my Canon SD300 and iMovie)

So I know people live blog conferences, and they live cast or webcast or stream video.. but are there any other live vlog posts? I'd love to hear about them?

Supernova was interesting.. everything from distributed systems to VOIP to tech com policy to socio-technical observations to a naval military project (presented by Commander Greg Glaros but JC Hertz who was on another panel is also on the project) to media, privacy and identity. The video is just a little snippet of the conference.. but doesn't cover it all. Video sort of requires that you make a little story.. so last minute.. I put together a quick story. Which means you don't necessarily get it all in.. certainly not in 4 minutes.

Posted by Mary Hodder at June 23, 2005 12:40 PM | TrackBack

nicely done mary :)

Posted by: mike dunn at June 23, 2005 08:30 PM

Good show, Mary, and you've got the right punch line -- it's made of people! :-)

Posted by: Peter Kaminski at June 24, 2005 10:00 AM

As someone who didn't really get to attend this year, it was a treat to see your highlights. Thanks Mary!

Posted by: Richard Ault at June 28, 2005 08:13 PM

Way to go with the first entry! I am eager to see more like it in the future!

Posted by: Josh Leo at June 29, 2005 06:15 AM