June 13, 2005

You can only say yes, to Yes!

Or at least to Mark Pincus, who invited a group of friends and bloggers to see the film, Yes. Sony, which is distributing the film, seemed less sure than Mark about having this group view the film. But the event went well, starting off with a couple of Youthspeaks.org poetry readers -- kids around 18 with really good stories to tell -- then followed by the film and then hanging at a waterfront bar. Mark is pushing legacy media into distributed, uncontrollable, scary blogspace. A place they need to go, and this showing was a dipping of a toe in the water.

The meeting.. of the two lovers in Yes!

The film is definitely arthouse material, where all the dialog is in prose rhyme, but it actually works. And the subject exists in many layers of misunderstanding: personal domestic marital conflict, friends and more conflict, the Oriental and the occidental conflict, among others. It's well done, mostly, though it could use a little editing, as well as tightening of the story in parts that feel unfinished, like the plotline around the goddaughter. But it's worth seeing, for really great cinematography, great acting with Joan Allen (also awesome in the Upside of Anger), and Simon Abkarian, and beautiful locations. It's a gorgeous film.

Photos from the event are here.

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