May 25, 2005


I read the Larry Lessig article in New York metro, because Julie Leung pointed to it, where at the bottom, John Hardwicke, the plantiff in the case against the American Boys Choir lawsuit, comments on the need for readers to help get a law passed that will keep the state from giving immunity to charitable institutions in sexual abuse cases.

All of this connecting and pointing and commenting happened in 24 hours.. and it's old hat for those who've blogged or played with RSS and link search for years. But remember. It's amazing, and it's never existed before, that people could connect in these ways we are now taking for granted. Taking things like this for granted is good, because we implictly build these practices into our social interactions, but don't forget also that what is so valuable about the internet can be lost, if those who would regulate it and limit it have their way.

So follow John Hardwicke's request for support, but support the medium, the place, the technology landscape that supports these connections, too, by standing up for freedom on the internet. The freedom to connect. Or we'll lose our the ability and freedom we have now to find and connect with each other, and so the promise of better connections will be lost.

One way to do that is to write your congressmen and senators, your state representatives, and tell them explicitly that you support municiple wireless, open networks, and balanced intellectual property laws. Every little bit helps.

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