May 21, 2005

The Real Killer App

It's not some new web service for video or whatever. No.. the real killer app is transmitting smell and taste over a web page. Man, if last night's dinner came through over my firefox browser, every chain restaurant would be out of biz. Kiss Olive Garden good bye. It was five hours of delicious beautiful food at Union Square Cafe.

Could someone please start working on this? Because that meal was a rare and perfect experience... and you just want to have it a little more often.

(One more small thing, much as that was lovely, I've got to get out of NY. People here don't work as hard as people in CA I know, and they party way too much. Being in NY is actually kind of like visiting a European city, sophisticated, fun, quaint, but you've gotta get some work done and they're not motivating to be around, with all that langorous strolling and dining and hanging out. Aren't NYers supposed to walk fast? Everyone is walking so slowly down the street. Time to get back to CA and the real work!)

Posted by Mary Hodder at May 21, 2005 09:50 AM | TrackBack

Predictably, the product is called Smell-O-Vision. The name is a little dissapointing; an elderly riff on 'television' that we can imagine being discarded by Hanna Barbera during the Eisenhower administration. In defense, of this choice, however, is there another word that conveys the function of the device more succinctly?

Here's the link:

Taste is a little more challenging. Dependant both on smell and physical contact with an inconveniently located array of receptors, as well as the need to lyse molecules with enzymes in saliva. You'd know who your friends were when it came to sharing such a device.

Picture the first Internet Relay Taste app: Strawberry, Cherry, Grape, and Orange. The first ambitious attempt to transmit morel mushrooms would go horribly wrong.

Posted by: Paul at May 22, 2005 10:37 AM