May 18, 2005

RSS Syndicate: Martin Nisenholtz and Doc Searls

Yesterday, Martin Nisenholtz of NYTimes talked about design issues and information online. Specifically, he stated this design problem: showing serendipity and showing organization.

I love this. Two years ago, I heard him speak, and interface, social information issues, design, were not on the table.

He scrapped his speech in favor of talking off the cuff with everyone about yesterday's announcement about TimesSelect for $50 a year for Op-Ed and news columnists, and a few other things.

He justified this charge as needing to cover the the cost of reporting.

Doc is now talking about the 'inevitable end of print' and how the NYTimes should charge for the new stuff, because it's timely. The old stuff 'lines birdcages' and therefore because the archives only make $1 million a year now (compared to the $1.3 billion a year they have in revenue), charging for archives is a folly.

In fact, charging for content in these ways, I think, is a folly, no matter whether it's old or new. Because you remove yourself from the conversation by having articles behind the firewall, where it can't be linked to, and it's only for a few people. But information economics is about having the network effect where information matters the most because the most people see it and use it.

Btw, I think this is Doc's best talk.

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