May 06, 2005

My Virtual Candidate: Andrew Rasiej

I'm not a New York City resident, so I don't vote there. But I do care about NY, and visit regularly. My interest in the way it's run is, from my vantage point outside NY, somewhat virtual. However, NY's problems are very real, and so anyone who looks for new and interesting ways to solve them gets my attention.

I like Andrew Rasiej a lot. He's running for NYC Public Advocate. The Public Advocate is sort of a vice-mayor, though he is independent of the mayor and can oppose him. Before this, Andrew founded MOUSE (Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools and Education), "a non-profit organization focused on integrating technology into teaching and learning in urban public schools."

Andrew is a really smart, thoughtful guy, who I think really cares about making things better than they are now. You can check out more here at Adam Penenberg's TechnoAdvocate Q&A.

And he is running based on three things I really like:

Show that a candidate worth supporting can do this with small contributions in with an online infrastructure by donating and participating.

And get on the bus!

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