April 25, 2005

100mb down and 20mb up for 26 euros (approx) in S. Korea

Yes. You heard that right. Yat Siu of Outblaze in China is comparing internet access in Asia compared to France (France averages 2mb up and down for 14 euros).

We are so totally freaking lame in the US. That's half the price I pay (approx $35 dollars for 100mb down/20 mb up in Asia verses my DSL from SBC for $60 a month for 768k down/ 384 up in Berkeley). And of course, we, the US, aren't even on chart up on the conference wall. And why should we be. As far as broadband access goes, we're a third world country paying ghetto rates (you know the deal.. where the supermarket charges less than ghetto corner markets cause the folks in the ghetto can't afford to drive out to get reasonably priced food).

Update: there has been a big discussion by some who attended the conference, who also blogged this information and were later challenged on it. Subsequently, Yat Sui, whose talk addressed a comparison between broadband service in Hong Kong to that of Paris, sent this article on 100mb DSL service for Korea. An English article mentions the goal to make this service available all over in Korea.

And lastly, Yat sends this:

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