April 24, 2005

Existential Parisienne Blogging Party

Tomorrow. At the French Sentate.

300 bloggers. The conference is just a pretense for us to get together to blog, no?

Halley Suitt, for her panel tomorrow on Corporate Blogging, was thinking of being very Jean Paul Sartre, which would mean her panel would only IM chat, silently, while the audience chat over IRC.

It reminds me of that play.. from the 50's.. where the curtain opened, and a baby cries off stage.. and then 20 minutes go by.. with nothing onstage and no sound, then the last gasps of death.. and then silence. The curtain closes. And it's all very existential. But I digress. C'est la vie.

Did I mention, it's raining and sunny at the same time, here in Paris? See the photos here. Oh, and I'm here to connect with people who blog or have EU companies with social media enterprises. And eat the amazing food. And it is amazing.

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