March 16, 2005

SBC Global Does It Again: Lost Their Cluetrain Ticket And Didn't Even Notice

So, I just found out that last week, SBC Global, my DSL provider, started blocking port 25. That's the port for outgoing email. I have not been able to send outgoing email from home since then, or here in San Diego at the Westin over wifi, and I guess this is why. I've only sent email on hardwire connections from my hotel rooms over the past 6 days.

And it gets better.. I learned this from a breakfast meeting mail list.. *not* SBC Global. There is a form, however, that you can fill out to get unblocked. Thanks SBC. And thanks to Ben Gross for finding the ticket and letting me know!

Posted by Mary Hodder at March 16, 2005 05:37 PM | TrackBack

i can't beleave this i'm having the same problem

Posted by: Douglas lewis at March 30, 2006 12:40 PM