March 16, 2005

eTech... (if it's Tuesday, it must be eTech, no?)

So I left SXSW for eTech Monday afternoon.. and it's been fun here in San Diego.. seeing lots of great folks. But it's also high contrast: at SXSW, there were about 50% women, both onstage and off, compared to eTech, where one documentarian told me he was working hard to take photos of women. 9% of the speakers are women and in the audience, I see about one woman every four rows or so. It's a very male event here.. which I don't mind.. it's fine.. but defintely has a different flavor than conferences that are balanced and interested in having both men's and women's points of views mixed together (is this the west coast geeky equivalent of Poptech?). It's also not nearly the great-party-with-great-entertainment atmosphere that SXSW is.. but then they get that whole, filmaker/musician group that is just all about entertainment. The average age is about 10 years older here to. But it's much more serious, and the content is more techy, geeky, and in someways intellectually deeper than SXSW. It is a great place though to socialize and talk with very interesting people who play around with fun technologies, and I'm really enjoying that!

Manuel Kiessling and Greg Elin are very excited about the attention stream that's online, but also in the lobby on a large plasma screen. There is also an inroomchat.

Really interesting talks here by Cory Doctorow, Stewart Butterfield, Clay Shirky, Tim O'Reilly, Wendy Seltzer and Jason Schultz, and many more. I'm videoing a bunch of them for Lisa Rein, who should have them up in a week or two -- it's a lot of work digitizing all this footage and putting it up so thanks Lisa for doing that will all the footage I'm shooting!

Since I'm videoing.. and that takes a lot of focus and logistical deftness, I'm listening and not really taking notes. I'd say David Weinberger's site is the place to be for an interesting take on things here.

Oh, and I heard last night and this morning from three people (yes three) that David's Tag BOF (which I stupidly missed last night) was the best thing they'd attended yesterday. Apparently it was an amazing discussion.


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