March 12, 2005

Defragging the Room

sxswSM.jpgWe defragged, and yet it's still a fire hazzard with so many people jammed in. Oversubscribed. So I'm here at SXSW.. the Interactive section (film is concurrent and music starts shorty, I gather) which Marc Canter just referred to as the 'bastard stepchild' of the other two sections... and the opening talk with Jeffrey Zeldman who's keynoting the fun. The room is really crowded.. totally oversubscribed even.

Lot's of cool folks are here.. Kaliya Hamlin is looking for a spot to sit.. but a little defragging of our back row seating did manage to get her a spot next to me, Dwayne Hendricks, and Jock Gill.

BTW.. Kaliya just proposed that we have a 'going to eTech party' for people torn by the bad scheduling .. Robert Scoble, Marc Canter, me... who else is foolish enough to do both in the same week?

dwayne_kaliyaSM.jpg Must say though, this is a very fun conference, arty, fun, good time, definitely younger and hipper, more forward thinking and yet with a good balance between the engineering/geeky stuff and the design/social side of things.

Speaking in two hours on trust and social software.

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