February 27, 2005

Open Source Usability Sprint

I just participated in the F/Loss Open Source Usability Sprint. My group was amazing, including Matt Mullenweg and Greg Elin, where we brainstormed a new way to use Greg's Fotonotes app, and then played around with it, did some usability work on it... and thought up some really cool ways to play with photos.

The people who put on the sprint were awesome, doing an amazing job, especially for the first time out at this. The other projects included:

  • ActivistMobilizationPlatform

  • Chandler

  • CivicSpace

  • ConferenceSocialNetwork

  • IdentityCommons

  • OpenACS
  • My only regret was that I was so busy doing either my project or the more formal group activities designed by the Sprint organizers, that I didn't spend much time with people and their individual projects. However, it was really cool to get a little taste of the other projects, see where they are at with development and get to see them working. Really great stuff!

    Aspiration Tech and Blue Oxen Associates organized this and did a great job. Thanks Gunner, Eugene and Katrin!

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