February 17, 2005

"When Does Open Source Happen?"

From Steve Weber earlier today in Howard Rheingold's class: ".. when there is a disconnect between the activity in day to day businesss and this extraordinary promise of what can be...".

He also talked about how open source doesn't act like the traditional commons problem.. because there isn't a battle between open and closed systems, but rather a co-evolution. He said he doesn't yet know where the boundary is between open and closed systems, and that getting that allocation right will be hard.

Today was ripe with interesting talk, starting with Kaliya Hamlin and Sylvia Paull first thing, then onto lunch with Esme Vos, Adam Rifkin and Joyce Park. After that.. Weber on open source and pharma-biz... his latest book.. post The Success of Open Source, is apparently on this combination of drug company economics and open source models of production.. so he appeared to be trying on some of the concepts he's extended to think about drug production and arguing them before the class.

After that.. there was dinner for Greg Gershman of Blogdigger. Russell Beattie, Niall Kennedy, Susan Mernit, Esme and Kaliya, among others. Very nice time. Asked Greg about the search results, and he said they cover 250k RSS feeds, and the results for key words produce all instances of the word used in blog posts they are indexing. They too have search feeds, and so I've added all the feeds I search in duplicate to see how they compare to the rest of the search feeds and services I use.

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good thoughts, and great blog. keep up the good work.

Posted by: betapundit at February 19, 2005 10:06 PM