February 16, 2005

Wordpress Upgrade Party

Stopped by Matt's place last night, for his upgrade to 1.5 party.

Om Malik had just arrived into town from DEMO, and lots of other folks were around, including Niall Kennedy, Tantek Celik, Sylvia Paull, Ana Vasconcelos, Min Jung Kim, among many others.

Lot's of folks sitting around on the floor and at the table blogging, chatting.. taking photos and posting them online.

Great time Matt! Thanks!

Posted by Mary Hodder at February 16, 2005 10:50 AM | TrackBack

Hi Mary,

Just curious, if you were at a 1.5 upgrade party, why didn't you upgrade to it. It appears you are still on moveable type. When will it be the right time for you to convert?

I enjoyed your article over at Wired a bit ago. Reminded me of a girl I know. That article made you sound like a bit of a recluse, but your postings seem to have you out and about with a lot of interesting people.

Posted by: Don at February 23, 2005 10:18 AM