January 07, 2005

Creative Commons

Last night I wore a t-shirt I'd made from the graphics in yesterday's post, to the Creative Commons 2nd Anniversary party. While I actually now think that Bill Gates wasn't lumping *everyone* to the left of hardcore copyright incumbents as commies, and that we need balance between incentives for creators and the commons, though we are skewed right now in the law toward the incumbants who have the great majority of IP protectionist power, that the graphics were funny, so I decided to wear them. I don't believe in no property rights. We just need balance between these, and I sit in the middle, asking for the hardcore incumbents to join me there, instead of sitting in their protectionist extreme (copy) right position.

However, since Bill wasn't too nuanced in his characterization of the copyleft, I took the opportunity to make fun back in an equally simplistic way, so here are the pix from the party of the shirt:

Commiefront1.jpg and the back: CommieBack2.jpg

I do think that Creative Commons does a good job of residing in the middle where they balance the left and right, and the party was great.. to celebrate their work, buy a t-shirt with the new Science Commons on it for a friend, and hang with a lot of very smart, very cool people. Thanks CC!

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