December 14, 2004

Napsterizzazione: la musica era solo il principio

Yes. You are learning Italian. Napsterizzizione. Of course!

He says...

"E Wired ha una storia che parla della vita online - una tendenza, non pių un'anomalia - di Mary Odder, colei la quale ha messo online Napsterization, e di migliaia, milioni come lei."

I'm completely taken with his accent. I don't even care that my name has been changed. Adorable.

Down in the extended entry is a translation provided by Babelfish. However, the end of his post talking about digital revolution is too good to miss:

Yes. I'm feeling the burning flame of innovation right now.

Napsterizzazione: music was alone the principle
YOU CAN READ here: Napsterization tells, between the other things, in English and with slow step, as the world is changing to thanks to Napster (that old one, the version does not trade them today). And Wired has a history that speaks about the life online - a tendency, not more an anomaly - than Mary Odder, the one who which has put online Napsterization, and of migliaia, million like she.

We try to also be reflected: how much time to the day, how many resources, how much communication and how many contacts at a distance pass for channels, virtual (telephone, email, web, rss), regarding ten years ago? In order to cite William Gibson, the future has arrived but in scattered order. Also because the time that noialtri (just European, Italian we in head) pass of forehead to the television we are less and less, it comes replaced from the use of the computer and Internet and - above all in the field of the games online who are ways to communicate with the other persons, there are innovation to the horizon. Something is changing, insomma... (also the reading of newspapers and periodicals cove).

Sapete what? Me memory when three or four years ago these things were said (will change, decrease, change, thanks to the wide band, thanks to the truly multimediali and friendly computers, etc. etc) and all to try the change in the numbers and then to get angry because to the age it did not succeed nothing.

Now it happens, and it is like a underground earthquake, dug from a carsico river. And the crazy thing is that the premonitory ones, those that in the years had elaborated the first theories and the first systems, now are those that come burn to you from the flame of the innovationes. But thoughts you...

//posted by Antonio @ 2.12.04

The sense of the last period escapes me. In that sense the first teorizzatori "are those that come burns to you from the flame of the innovationes"? What you mean to say? That nobody recognizes they the merits? Or viceversa? Or other anchor? In any case I find normal the fact that the changes in the system of the communications are slowest. Of other song when us they have never been revolutions that have changed the situation from a day to the other? He cites some to me in the system of the communications. Also the TV, that it has been one of fastest in the imporsi to a multitude of customers, has put us however half century approximately for sedimentarsi in the daily habit to the consumption. Or mistake?
# posted by Smeerch : 2.12.04

In this period job with the boys of the Civic Net of Milan. Been born ten years ago. A technological miracle, based on a platform (FirstClass) particular, in a position to making things that still other software does not make. But then they are escapes a series of other instruments (software for the community virtual like Cms, or modality of use like the blog same) that they radically change to the approach and the use. And they but are not change to you radically therefore.

Approximately "old" the things, creed, the early adopters, the premonitory ones, often and gladly remains attacks you to their way of use, consolidated in the time, that valid but it was used mostly from the "pioneers". When the thing is made mainstream, the new models come used from the crowds (ok, do not give the crowds, give a little people ---) and the premonitory ones become a po' obsolete. I wanted to only say this, thinking also next to the fact that the New Economy, that blaze that for three years or down of lė has excited a lot the minds, proposed the revolution "between ten minuteren". There are intentional a little years, but ' it is blessed revolution seems that it is arriving, even if in scattered order.
# posted by Antonio : 2.12.04

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