December 11, 2004

Live Blogging My Session on Local Politics at Votes, Bits and Bytes

With Dave Winer, Nicco Mele.

I asked about campaign's turning into governance.. and building online communities that make this transition.. what does it mean and how do you do it, practically speaking?

Jordan Pollock: being able to see responses to the blog.. filtering up .. having an effect on the campaign.. verses Kerry.. where is was more top down So, can you maintain the bottom up assembly of voices?

John Barth, public radio exchange.. res. of montclair NJ.. terrible local newspaper, NY times doesn't do NJ well, local gov doesn't
-- and there is a yahoo group..
they are trying to make it easy for everyone in town to make it easy to put up info about the local government...
-- citizen sunshine!!

challenges: if you run interchange on a local level.. trying to get a real dialog .. you get self directed niches of community.. very frustrating to maintain a discussion that is constructive.. how do you get to real conversation?
-- how to deal? holding a session to talk about how the moderators are doing..

Ben Ron, Act Blue -- transition from campaign to governance.. if it's the campaign's responsibility to make the transition.. but on blogs.. they aren't run on campaign so they keep going.. seems more natural to have the party do the transition..

Bruce McHenry - have a long standing cabinet that would make the transition like the british government..

Homes Wilson - Downhill Battle .. software and network .. and anyone at home to make their own TV channel.. to publish it.. BitTorrent.. their website is about IP advocacy and other stuff. want to make TV a democratic media..

ME: is there an inverse relationship between the production values of the content of the amount we know the people.. and our willingness to watch shows with low production values because we know the people..

podcasting.. microphone, computer.. talking.. authentic

production values and governance.. people go to blogs for reputation and authenticity.. and

bob lyons, WGBH radio..

regulation? on podcasting.. no limit on spectrum

Dave W... can have as many radio stations as you want as you can have domain names and subdomains..
BBC: building public values.. look at this doc!
BBC: ICAN.. civic portal.. a single integrated source of

Ben: big campaigns.. big tv.. big broadcast.. verses conversation.. bush in a coffee shop talking,, or fireside chats..

Nicco: can the candidate take the energy to the governance stage..

DaveW: channeling Cluetrain.. demand supplies itself..

Holmes -- the packaging is just something that gets between you and the listener...

DaveW.. Putnam.. was right but for the wrong reason.. we're bowling along but we can do it together.. Dave thinks we can have the best of the 20th century and the 19th century.. mass distribution of micro content.. mastered mass distribution of our own content..

John Barth: once a politician gets into office.. blogging.. some may ask.. if they are blogging why aren't they governing..

Bob Cox, National Debate: mentioning Ed Cone at BIII, at a local level.. someone blogs locally.. and makes constituency and talks about town.. they start to be an influencer.. people listen to them.. and running for office can start to be the platform.. but they were known as a blogger..

Bruce McHenry - the critical mass of branding needed.. because the cost of building the brand is so high.. that we need to get known people.. but the critical mass of branding..

Betsy Camblin? MIT - blogs give intimacy.. have a sense of who they are.. unedited.. no different that the mimic-ed intimacy that we get from celebrity..

Are press releases like blog posts? In the marketing sense? to CNN etc?

DaveW: campaigns become their own source of info with blogs...

??? from Erin, camera person: What happened with the shift? from Dean to Kerry? the platforms didn't line up.. the styles.. etc?

Britt Blaser: the campaign needs to be a host.. and the Kerry Campaign didn't welcome it.. the gestalt.. wasn't there.. our society likes new things in technology.. but not in politics.. you had to be a good orator 50 years ago.. but not now... you must be a good blogger .. in future campaigns..

Bruce: although Clinton could talk for 8 minutes even though the teleprompter went down.. Bush couldn't do that now..

William Davies: people used to be shocked by porn online.. and now they are used to it.. people will be shocked by things online in politics but they will get used to it..

Betsy.. brought underprivileged communities into conversation about how to change politics with technology.. and they aren't interested in blogs and online communities.. they don't want it

Holmes: Dan nailed it yesterday.. when he said that tech is cheap, but educational system isn't up to it..

Betsy: that's a cop out.. it's that the tech is not interesting to them..

Liza Sabater: Technology use needs to come out of those communities.. it needs to be of the community to make it work.. and just because a blogger who is of that community.. doesn't mean they speak for the community..

Joanne Orevek?: some answers will com from the school system.. but

Ian Landsman: mentioned Poukippsie

Britt Blaser: look on Technorati for Poukippsie..

Meetups.. people will come back for online discussions about things that matter to them..

Nicco: can we make the things that are happening in Montclair happen elsewhere..

Interesting things going on: guy who did that came to Bloggercon II..

Holmes: something bugging me.. about the divide issues.. we may be thinking about this too algorhimically.. where the tool that does this.. does that.. can we figure out ways to accelerate penetration into local areas.. there could be other tools beyond blogs.. that get more put in zipcode and find discussion that is very local... things like crime, house prices, what's happening locally.. stuff gets done but it's local and mundane..

Geomapping.. leave a note when you see a sign.. and do it with a cell phone..

Joe is finishing our session with an Accordian rendition of The Gambler...

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