December 04, 2004

The Red Couch

Robert Scoble is proposing that the book (nee, working title: The Red Couch) he and Shel Israel will collaborate on be discussed entirely on a blog... and that the rights be sold on Ebay.

Very innovative. I like it. Though it appears from the first post that Shel is kicking and screaming about the public nature of it, as well as the Ebay. So far, those are the two things that make it so cool. The topic, business blogging, doesn't sound so interesting on the face of it. But maybe for people who know nothing of the blogosphere, including how to navigate here, here or here, it makes sense to sell them a business book on blogging.

However, I'm doubtful those folks will get the perpendicular nature of blogging (compared to analog communications) unless they actually engage in it. It's just too hard to describe something like this to someone who hasn't seen it. Imagine describing a car to someone who had never seen one, without showing them or giving them a ride. Think about the difference in your perceptions between walking down the street and drivng in a car... the ways we take in information and sensations of movement and time are so different. You simply have to get in the car to comprehend the difference fully. But who knows, maybe the readers will get something out of a book on blogging, before they start the blogging. Good luck to them both, describing this particular change in sensation and in meaning on so many levels, to folks who have no idea. Robert and Shel will have to heavily rely on metaphors and stories, which will distance the reader from the experience and reality of it, in order to bring comprehension. That makes this a very hard task.

Listen to Robert, Shel, on the openness and rights' sale, though. He knows whereof he speaks.

Posted by Mary Hodder at December 4, 2004 08:59 PM | TrackBack

I agree. You cannot explain blogging to someone who doesn't have a clue of the dynamic involved.

Posted by: Raffi at December 5, 2004 01:13 AM